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“Autism is a biological disorder. It is not a mental illness. Therefore, you can heal autism, naturally! I know because I have done it with my own child.” – Karen Thomas

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Holidays, Sugar and Behavior

              Increased sugar intake can lead to Type II Diabetes, as well as weakened gut flora or candida which all means a weakened immune system. This leads to both physical health symptoms like stomachaches and headaches, as well as many behavioral problems. Many...

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Healthier Holiday Eating Strategies

Decrease The Health and Behavioral Issues From Holiday Foods Many of the foods at grandma's house may be healthy for most, but act as "triggers" for children on the autism spectrum. What can you do when your child wants to eat foods he should not eat? If you know that...

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How To Keep the Immune System Strong

Holidaze During the holidays we tend to eat too many sweets which weaken our immune system. As much as we may enjoy the festivities our daily routines become even busier, we tend to get stressed and we don't always get as much sleep as we need. Strengthen Your Immune...

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Autism and Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is on the rise. One in every four children on the autism spectrum tests positive for Lyme disease. It is the fastest growing vector born infection with 300,000 new cases per year. This number is said to likely be an underestimate. It continues to be under...

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Natural Allergy Elimination [Podcast]

Podcast Interview on Natural Allergy Elimination with Paula Vetter Your child may have obvious allergies to certain pollen's or foods, but there are many other unknown possibilities, as well. Natural allergy elimination can desensitize the body from all kinds of...

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