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“Autism is a biological disorder. It is not a mental illness. Therefore, you can heal autism, naturally! I know because I have done it with my own child.” – Karen Thomas

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Highest Quality Nutritional Supplements for Autism

When it comes to nutritional supplements quality is the most important aspect. They must be bio-available, which means that the body can easily absorb and utilize the ingredients, and they must be free of toxic additives and common allergens. This is not the case with...

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Prevention On Purpose Presentation [Video]

This is my presentation on The 3 Stages to Naturally Heal Autism that I gave last weekend at the Prevention on Purpose event. Watch it here before it’s made available.   Get the free resources guide I mentioned in the presentation here:...

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Dangerous Household Toxins

Dangerous Household Toxins Ken Cook, President of the Environmental Working Group, spoke to a senate subcommittee in January, 2013, regarding ten American newborns that had been found to have more than 200 synthetic chemicals in their blood. Among these chemicals were...

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Autism and Heavy Metals

Autism and Heavy Metals Heavy metals are simply toxic metals. They can damage and even destroy the brain, the central nervous system, weaken the GI tract and our antioxidant system, rendering us incapable of detoxification. They also reduce levels of neurotransmitters...

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