Naturally Healing Autism

A resource guide to natural health for parents of children on the autism spectrum

The book Naturally Healing Autism: The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents offers an excellent resource guide for parents with all the steps to heal the symptoms of autism naturally such as headaches, stomach aches, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, anger, and sensory processing disorders.

I highly recommend Naturally Healing Autism for anyone, including parents, educators, and practitioners working with someone effected by autism or ADD. After eight years of research Karen Thomas shares the natural resource guide that she used to heal her own son from the symptoms of autism in this very complete, yet comprehensible book which helps to simplify the whirlwind of information out there and empower the layperson along with the professionals they are working with for any individual’s specific needs.

Dr. Daniel Amen, Author, Healing ADD, and Heal Your Brain to Heal Your Life

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karnethomasAfter the diagnosis of her own child on the autism spectrum, Karen Thomas quickly realized she would need to find the solutions herself. A twenty seven year background in holistic health gave her the belief that she could heal her child.

After years of being approached in grocery stores and on the schoolyard by moms who had known of Karen’s success with her own child and others, it became obvious to Karen that she needed to write a book. Seven years of research, expense, trial and error has resulted in the book, Naturally Healing Autism. Naturally Healing Autism has everything a parent needs to know to heal autism and reduce its many symptoms, including anxiety, irritability, lack of ability to focus and learn, trouble sleeping, headaches, stomach aches, allergies and more. Karen’s mission is to offer all her hard-won knowledge, summed up in a way that makes the journey as simple, inexpensive and stress-free as possible. Naturally Healing Autism also includes a complete guide to prevention.

Medication Is Not A Remedy For Autism

Many doctors agree that medications are not for everyone. Wouldn’t it be worth it to find out if your child can have better physical and behavioral health without negative side effects? The work has already been done. Don’t waste more time and money. The recovery of Karen’s child and many others is living proof. Her child is now happy, healthy, and has many friends. Your child and your family can be happy and healthy too!

Autism is a biological disorder. It is not a mental illness. Therefore, you can heal autism, naturally!

I know because I have done it with my own child.

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Each month on her radio show at, Karen tackles another subject regarding the health issues around autism… everything from allergies to supplements, exercise to psychology. Karen’s program will teach you the solutions to reduce or remove the physical and behavioral symptoms of autism from your child, naturally, without the use of any harmful drugs. This comes to you from a first-hand mom that has lived through it with success. Discover the five reasons why children on the autism spectrum do not heal, and how they can. Learn the necessary steps that will help you to untangle the whirlwind of information out there and simplify it for you. Become able to utilize the knowledge Karen Thomas Radio Program on Naturally Healing Autismand see what your own child’s progress can be. Click here to listen to Karen Thomas and her weekly radio updates on the website.

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