Please join me for this very informative interview with Dr. Michael Lipelt, DDS, ND, as we dive into many of the reasons why so many children with Autism commonly have tooth decay and dental issues. This can begin very early in life and continue into adulthood if the underlying causative factors are not properly taken care of. Learn what some of those causative factors are and what safe, natural solutions exist to care for them properly.

Dr. Lipelt’s biography (Brief)

Dr. Michael Lipelt first graduated in dentistry in 1975, began attending Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine in 1989, received his post-graduate in dentistry from UCLA in 1992, became a licensed acupuncturist in 1993, received his masters in oriental medicine in 1994, and his license as a Naturopathic Doctor in 2000.

Clifford Labs (materials reactivity testing)

Biocomp Labs (dental materials reactivity testing)

Karen’s Resource Guide to National Practitioners (for craniosacral therapists)

More is available on bio-dentistry in my book, Naturally Healing Autism: The Complete Step By Step Resource Handbook for Parents.

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