Summer is here, so it’s no surprise that the question regarding the safety of chlorinated swimming pools has come up a lot lately. All people are susceptible to the issues demonstrated in this post, but for children on the autism spectrum it is important to be additionally cautious. Their detoxification processes are much more sensitive and weaker than most.

When a chlorinated swimming pool is swam in by multiple children who are likely urinating in it, as in a public pool, the chlorine reacts with the urine (ammonia) and creates chloramines. This chemical is harmful to your health and the health of your child.

Chloramines are skin aggravants, respiratory aggravants, and much more. The byproducts are known carcinogens, and have been shown to cause developmental abnormalities in mouse embryos. Olympic swimmers have had their careers ruined due to these harmful chemicals.

On the upside, if a chlorinated pool is not heavily used by children who are urinating in it, as in your own backyard or private pool, then it should be relatively safe.

An even better way to go is to convert your chlorine pool to one that is saline based. There are companies who can do this for you. In the U.S. it costs somewhere around $1500.00, but it is well worth it in the long run, especially if you or a family member are sensitive to chlorine.

While I was at the Autism One conference I had the opportunity to speak directly to internationally known water expert, Robert Slovak. I asked Robert questions about swimming pools, water and chlorination. Click below to watch the video and learn what he has to share.

Learn more directly from water expert Robert Slovak. This 3 minute video is packed with value!

Watch as water expert Robert Slovak explains swimming pools, water and chlorination. 

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