Glyphosate is a poisonous chemical known to contribute to the symptoms of autism. It is commonly known to be in such weed killing agents such as Round-Up. Today, this has moved far beyond the dangers of glyphosate being sprayed just in our yards, but is now known to be purposely sprayed on the crops of food that we eat, and is in the water we drink.

Currently, 2 billion kg, (5 million pounds), of glyphosate are used on our soil as an antibiotic and as a drying agent on grains.  As a water soluble chemical, glyphosate finds its way into rivers, lakes, and rainfall which lands everywhere. It is also known now to be found in the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. (Please see the link to my podcast interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff below for more on this.)

In this interview with triple board certified Doctor Zach Bush, a specialist in the gut microbiome and the cellular communication network, we dive deep to educate you on what glyphosate can do to damage the delicate and protective microbiome in the gut, the digestive lining, kidneys, and brain messengers such as serotonin (for mood stability).

We also show you what you can do to greatly help protect yourself and your family from these dangers. Doctor Bush has created a simple liquid product called Restore that helps to strengthen the integrity of the protective tight junctions in our mucous membranes, so that they are no longer vulnerable to these dangers. It also helps to heal the damage done. Please watch the video for more.


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For science, product information, and to purchase Restore go to, *To receive 20% off of your purchase use the coupon code, NHA1KS. Good until 12-15-2017, at midnight Eastern time.

Interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff on glyphosate.

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